What can I Learn in a Demo of Validated CMMS Software?


Everyone is looking for the best value for validated CMMS software (if they need validated software, that is).  However, what value is there, really, in a short demo as opposed to what you can find on the web site, a brochure, or even a trial of a CMMS software?

There are several advantages of a demo over the other methods of assessment.  Usually web site or brochure will help you get a quick idea of how applicable the software might be to you, and a short video (as seen above) might also give you an overall idea of whether the software will work as a validated solution for tracking your calibration and maintenance operations.  However, even a short demo provides the following added benefits:

  1. It gives you a liver person to connect with about questions you may have about compliance aspects of the CMMS system.
  2. You can see the workflow and the operator interface in action to be able to assess quickly if the system will work for you.
  3. You can assess if it meets your requirements in very little time, before you go through all the work of setting up a trial version and have to learn the whole system.
  4. You can judge if the system is really 21CFR11 or Annex 11 compliant.

Even a short demo, of 30 minutes or so, can give you a lot of information about the interface, data entry workflow, reporting, audit trail, response time, documentation, and various other aspects of the software that would otherwise take hours to assess.  Usually, you can arrange for the demonstration to be on-line, so that you don’t even need to set up meeting space, and your various team members can participate from their desks.

even a short demo of 30 minutes or so, can give you alot of information about the interface

There are many ways to meet the requirements for a validated, 21CFR11 compliant validated CMMS system, but to determine what is right for you, it is best to see them in action.  And, if a company can’t show you the gist of the operation of their system in 30 minutes, is the software THAT good that it needs more time, or is it just complicated.  After 30 minutes, you should be able to decide that too!

At GxPReady! we are happy to host demonstrations at any convenient time and explain how we can claim that our flash validation technology is the closest you can get to pre-validated software.  Contact us at [email protected] to set up a demo at your convenience.  We’d love to hear from you!