Quality - Reliability - Convenience - Compliance

The best value in validated CMMS systems.

Low Total Cost of Ownership:

  • Stable cost structure
  • No hidden costs
  • Stop at any time
  • Designed for FDA/EMA compliance
  • Stable and reliable
  • Affordable
  • Calibration, Validation and Maintenance
  • Intuitive design
  • Minimal data entry
  • Easy workflow.
  • 5 star rated software
  • Highly available
  • Reliable

30 Day Free Trial

$0 fees for setup or users

This is the same as the full version except not validated.  Contact us for more information!

Full Compliance Package Access Level – Unlimited Users/Equipment Items

$1,500 setup fee (INCLUDING VALIDATION) Unlimited Users

The low total cost of ownership includes the completed validation package of the deployment.  This is not just a package that we give you to execute.  Most of the work is already done!  With our patented Flash Validation approach, there is minimal additional work to complete qualification of your system.  Contact us for more information!

$45/mo per user with login privileges (still no long term commitment)  to maximum $450/mo Unlimited Users

This is for all 4 modules (Core, Calibration, Maintenance, and Validation).  Includes hosting, system maintenance, backups and change control, training, etc.  Note that you can define users without login privileges for reference within the database for no cost.

TOTAL first year cost $2,040 (one user) to $6,900 for Unlimited Users (Includes Validation)

The best value of any CMMS system designed for FDA and EMA requirements.

  • No per item charges.  Keep the billing simple and low cost!
  • No per-site charges if you can use a single deployment.
  • No extended contract commitment.  Use it as long as it works for you!
  • No charge for training!
  • No additional charge for qualification!
  • No additional charge for each module!
  • No additional charge for guidelines that can help you set up your SOPs!
  • You are in control of updates to your deployment.
  • Can be used by multiples sites without extra charges in most cases.
  • Best lifetime low cost of ownership of any validated CMMS software.  Add it up and compare to any other option!

Additional Benefits (nominal fees may apply)

  • Get copies of your data on a regular basis.
  • Data importation from most other systems/spreadsheets.
  • Electronic forms and signature are available as options.
  • In some cases extra charges apply for multiple sites (e.g. if an additional deployment is required).
  • Best lifetime cost/value of any validated CMMS software.  Add it up and compare to any other option!