Waiting for the Perfect Validated CMMS Software


It is not atypical for companies in regulated industries to find themselves at a “crossroads” as they grow from a startup to a full fledged commercial entity.  As this happens, routines get more formalized into standard operating procedures (SOPs) and systems tend to become more automated.  Of course, it is important to properly evaluate systems as they get incorporated into the company and to ensure that they meet regulatory requirements.

In the case of Calibration and Maintenance Management (CMMS) software, there is a transition point from scheduling maintenance and calibration using a calendar, logbook, or spreadsheet, to a fully functional validated CMMS system.  There are many decisions to be made including:

  • Who will be affected by the new system (e.g. Calibration, Validation, Maintenance, QA, IT, etc)?
  • How will the installation, validation, and maintenance of the system be managed?
  • What other systems need to be integrated?
  • What features do we really need in our validated CMMS system?

The process of working through all of these decisions can take months or longer, and in the interim, the existing system for tracking the calibration and maintenance activities is strained and, possibly, not even compliant with regulations.

Possibly equally important, it is difficult to determine which of the many features provided in various software products are actually required, desirable, or indeed, even useful.  In this scenario, there is no hands-on way to really nail that question down.

One way to manage this problem is with a product like GxPReady! Suite.  GxPReady! Suite is designed to be easy to use, finance, and validate.  In addition, there is no long term commitment or major up front investment.  Finally, it has all the basic functionality required for operation of calibration, validation and maintenance departments compartmentalized in such a way that, for example, if you only need calibration management, you can turn the other modules off.

If you find yourself waiting for the perfect system, you can use a validated CMMS product such as GxPReady! while you are in the process of making the decision.  This would provide the following advantages over the traditional decision making process:

  • It relieves the immediate pressure of making a “final” decision on software that may have many stakeholders
  • It relieves the immediate need to spend substantial financial resources for the purchase of hardware and software
  • GxPReady! manages the system maintenance, change control, and qualification, so you don’t strain resources
  • GxPReady! Suite will allow you to be compliant during the ongoing decision making process and export your data
  • You will have the opportunity to gain experience with a validated CMMS system that can inform your decision of what features you find useful for your  situation

In the end, you may find that GxPReady! Suite suits your needs in the longer term, so that you never have to spend the time and resources you were anticipating and can re-direct the resources to other, more interesting uses.