Validated CMMS That Won’t Break the Bank

GxPReady! Suite provides customers on a limited budget with a patented, pre-qualified CMMS solution for a very manageable startup cost.  The up front cost for GxPReady! Suite starts at $15,000 which includes installation, setup, validation, and training of the full system.  This is for a 21CFR11 compliant system that can track your calibration, validation, and/or maintenance schedule; allow you to generate reports and useful forms for managing these departments; and minimize the amount of data entry required for you to stay compliant!

There is no hardware or documentation to buy.  No extra validation charges.  No system maintenance for you to perform.  No license fees. No upgrade fees.  The list goes on.

Ongoing use and maintenance are covered by a monthly fee scaled to usage.

Our goal is to help you be compliant as soon as possible.  We can often even work with you to divide this initial payment over a time period making GxPReady! more of an expense budget item vs. capital cost item.  Contact us for further information, information about free trial options, and data migration options from your current system.  We look forward to helping you meet your compliance needs!