Why Not Validate Off-the-Shelf, General Purpose CMMS Cloud Based Software?


How much do you know about how the software was developed and if there is traceability to requirements?

It is tempting to avoid the expense of getting a validated CMMS by validating existing popular software products.  There a many very fine products out there.  So why don’t people do that so much?  Do you really need to pay the extra money for validation?  An interesting article here discusses just that option, but points out the following paradox:

One of the main benefits of cloud computing tools – that someone else controls the installation, updating, and maintenance of the software – is the biggest impediment to overcome when validating cloud software. The cloud vendor has complete control of when new software versions are introduced, generally providing little or no notice to the end-user of the cloud software when a new version is released. – Greenlight Guru

To clarify this issue, imagine that you have a nice, written, approved procedure for CMMS administration.  Then, of the the sudden, the interface is revised with new features, and maybe some of the old ones are missing. Now you are out of compliance through no fault of your own.

How many times have new features appeared in software that cause you to change the way you use it?  In a GMP setting, this can be a problem.

GxPReady has overcome this (and other) problems using our patented Flash-Validation approach, designing a system from the ground up intended to meet GMP and 12 CFR Part 11 Requirements.  Validation is a life-cycle process, and cannot be easily imposed on a system not designed for this purpose.  Similarly, if you don’t need a validated CMMS system, there are a ton of great choices out there.  Most are much less expensive to boot!

It’s all about matching the software to the intended use.  If you need GMP software, the choice is easier because the options are limited.  The GxPReady approach is to target small to mid sized companies with a reliable, validated, compliant system.  Check it out by contacting us for more information or schedule a demo here.  Try it out and let us know what you think.  We think it is a convenient, competitively priced, and robust product.  No high pressure sales.  No long term obligations.  And a clear pricing system that won’t break your bank.

With a little creativity you can also track maintenance contracts, document training, vendor audits, etc.  And we don’t track or use your data.  We don’t have ads.  Just software you can use.  The data that is in there is what you put in there.

If you are having trouble making up your mind ask for a free trial and you can compare it side by side with your other options.  We can also help you identify options for paperless documentation and routing, and importing your existing data.  Especially, try GxPReady! Suite before you consider validating a non-validated option.  Your validation master plan will thank you!