Use Your Validated CMMS to Support your Asset Management and Operations Activities

Don'l let production stop. Use your validated CMMS to support production as and document your decisions.

A validated CMMS can keep your physical asset management and operations on schedule by avoiding unnecessary surprises.


Ensuring GMP Compliance Amid Operational Challenges

In the realm of operations, unexpected events can disrupt carefully laid plans, particularly when it comes to maintaining and calibrating essential equipment. The key to upholding Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) compliance lies in effective management of these situations. Utilizing a validated CMMS to support production continuity without compromising on compliance.

The Importance of Proactive Maintenance and Calibration Management

When faced with potential disruptions, the instinct might be to reschedule maintenance or calibration activities to the next available date. However, this reactive approach can jeopardize your control over the maintenance schedule. It’s crucial to evaluate the criticality of the affected equipment and the implications of any delay on both audit readiness and product quality.

Strategic Collaboration with Quality Assurance

Collaborating closely with your Quality Assurance (QA) department is essential to assess the impact of any delays and to devise a justified action plan. This may involve selecting an alternative date that does not compromise GMP standards or considering the use of substitute instruments if the service delay is deemed insignificant. Documenting and approving these decisions is vital for maintaining an auditable trail.

Leveraging Validated CMMS to support Documentation and Compliance

GxPReady! Suite and similar validated CMMS solutions offer a robust framework for documenting maintenance and calibration activities, along with the rationales behind any schedule adjustments. This digital repository ensures that justifications for deviations are easily accessible, enhancing audit preparedness and supporting GMP compliance.

Integrating CMMS with Standard Operating Procedures

To further fortify your operations against unnecessary delays and uphold GMP standards, integrating your CMMS with approved internal standard operating procedures (SOPs) is recommended. This integration enables quick retrieval of documentation during audits, demonstrating compliance and operational diligence.

Validated CMMS as a Cornerstone of GMP Compliance

In summary, a validated CMMS is not just a tool for scheduling equipment maintenance and calibration—it’s a critical component of a comprehensive strategy to maintain GMP compliance amidst operational challenges. By adopting a proactive approach to equipment management, collaborating with QA, and leveraging technology like GxPReady! Suite, companies can navigate unexpected events without compromising on product quality or compliance.

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