Use the SAT to Set Up Calibration and Maintenance in your CMMS Software

The site acceptance test (SAT) is a good time to collect the information necessary to start the life cycle of your equipment by documenting and assessing the instrumentation on your new system.  During this exercise, you will have hands-on access to the equipment and can determine which items require calibration, exactly how they are installed, and label the instrumentation as required.

GxPReady! Suite provides a convenient Equipment Assessment Form you can use to document your new equipment and assess the calibration, validation, and/or maintenance requirements.  Once this is completed, you can have the document reviewed, and use it to start your new equipment file.  This can even be completed electronically on a tablet if you use our e-forms, or you can also use a convenient off the shelf product to complete and sign, such as Adobe Sign.

This allows you to get up and running quickly, without causing a backlog of documents to review and enter.  At the same time, these forms allow you to get the data reviewed before it is entered, so there is that human check on the data.  This is good to have for any validated CMMS system.

Of course, you can use any form that fits with your process, we just include this as a matter of convenience to help you make use of the product and keep you in compliance.

Once you have successfully completed the SAT, and you have the data entered in GxPReady! Suite, you can also attach copies of documents so that your team can access them for reference and planning the validation documents going forward.

Helping your team get compliant efficiently and with low expense is our mission, so that you can spend more on the core competencies and goals of your company and get product out the door!  You can feel safe knowing that the system is validated and 21CFR11 compliant, with a full audit trail.