Some Benefits of Validated SaaS CMMS Software

It used to be that validated calibration and maintenance management software (CMMS) systems were only possible if you installed the software at your site, and performed the validation there.  This was the case because you need to validate the CMMS system to your requirements and in the installed configuration.  Can you really have a high degree of confidence in a validated CMMS system that is located somewhere on the cloud that you can’t even physically identify?  Where is the hardware anyway?  And was the calibration tracking and maintenance tracking software validated to meet your requirements, or the vendor’s?

Well that is a problem that has been solved at GxPReady!.  Our patented system and method, using our provide you the ability to see physically where your 21CFR11 CMMS system is installed and provide you traceability of your requirements to the system validation documentation.  This gives you the confidence that the system will indeed meet your requirements for a reliable and easy to use GxP compliant system for calibration and maintenance management.

You can access the SaaS GxPReady! Suite software from any qualified browser and without all of the expense, hassle, and delays related to installing and validating a CMMS system locally.  Furthermore, the resources that you would invest with an in-house system are actually significantly higher than those that you incur with a validated SaaS CMMS solution.  At the same time, since GxPReady! Suite is validated, you avoid the risks of not using a validated CMMS system.

In the end, a validated SaaS-based CMMS system is very likely the best fit for small to mid-sized companies striving to meet FDA and EMEA requirements for GMP systems with low cost, high availability, and minimal maintenance.  Of course, you will also save a ton of time because you can get the system on line in no time compared with traditional or other SaaS based systems.