It Should Not Take a Specialist to Determine the Cost of Your Validated CMMS

Image showing how complicated pricing validated CMMS systems can be. GxPReady Suite has an easy pricing regimen that can save you significant money for use on other parts of your project.

What is the pricing for the CMMS? Does it need to be complicated?

I was recently on a web site for a bit of software I was considering.  I couldn’t tell what the pricing was based on the web site, so I contacted the company.  Eventually, after I had moved on and forgotten about the software, they called me and asked me if I had any questions.  It told the specialist what I was looking for and he told me the pricing was based on the configuration, simple enough.  I said I had a single server and I told him the configuration of the server and the number of users.  He needed to call a pricing specialist.

Who knew pricing could be so complicated? If you need a special meeting to determine pricing, maybe another option is worth considering.

At GxPReady, we believe that there is enough complexity to systems already without making the pricing difficult and unpredictable.  It’s easy to plan your budget with GxPReady! Suite after you have made a couple of decisions:

  1. Do you need a validated system?
  2. Can you uniquely identify each equipment item?

If you can do that, we can tell you the price.  Or you can clearly see it on our site here and then contact us here.

You have enough to worry about without long term commitments, counting your equipment tags, stressing about adding more licenses and users, or committing to a long agreement.  Let GxPReady! Suite help you meet your compliance needs with less stress and cost.