How Long Does it Take to Validate a CMMS System?

GxPReady Suite CMMS is easy to validate

The efficiency of your CMMS validation is highly dependent on how well you and your software provider are aligned on the requirements you need to meet.

Validation of your CMMS system to meet 21CFR11 and cGMP requirements can be painful and expensive, or relatively straightforward and inexpensive.  So much depends on your preparation and especially that of your software provider.

Traditionally, it has been a drawn out process of setting up requirements, identifying potential providers, going through a significant installation and configurations process,  developing and executing procedures and protocols to validate the system, and having all that traceable to your requirements.  It sounds relatively fast and painless, but it can be quite an endeavor.  It can cost tens of thousands of dollars and take months.  And then there is change control and maintenance.

Forget about validating a system that was not designed for validation.  All of the meticulous documentation traceable to your requirements will not likely be there when you need it.  Also, you probably will not have the control you want for those systems with regard to change control and support.  They just are not designed for that.

Developing a system from scratch is another option.  This has the great benefit that it can be customized to your particular use.  This is balanced by the fact that the cost is very high for the development and maintenance of the system and the timelines for this type of project are extensive.  It would be very fast to be able to accomplish this within a year timeline of starting.

Of course, there are several software systems out there that are designed to meet these requirements including GxPReady! Suite, IBM Maximo, Blue Mountain RAM, etc.  But some of these are pricey, so overall how does this help?

The answer is that a product like GxPReady! Suite was designed from the ground up only as a validated CMMS system.  It was developed to meet your requirements and is validated to those requirements via a patented method and system we call Flash Validation.  As a result, we can get you up and running with a validated system for less than $5k and in less than a month, even quicker if necessary, all traceable to your requirements.   This includes installation, configuration, training, protocols executed and reports completed.

We encourage you to talk to folks that have used other approaches for validating a CMMS system and see for yourself if this might be the right solution for you.  Especially for small and mid-sized companies that want to be able to put more resources toward personnel, equipment, or their core mission the GxPReady! Suite validated CMMS software can be a great solution.  Then you won’t find yourself staring at the screen waiting for the validation to complete!