GxP Ready! Suite (CMMS) Value Proposition

For FDA regulated life-science companies, setting up a system for calibration and maintenance tracking on an in-house system can take significant time and resources when you consider the planning, hardware and software costs, performing the qualification, and maintaining the change control.  With a SaaS system, the convenience and time/cost savings are hard to ignore, making it easier to achieve compliance.

GxPReady! Suite provides customers with a pre-qualified software and infrastructure solution to track calibration, maintenance, and/or validation activities.  This is a financial value to the customer/client, but also helps control project timelines.  See below for examples of the value added by this GxPReady! Suite Software as a Service (SaaS) product:

  • There are substantial cost and time savings of not having to do the qualification in-house or by a third party validation source.
  • The qualified system ready for use in days vs. months.
  • For greenfield construction or moving projects where timelines are critical, its easier to maintain construction timelines with the GxPReady! Suite solution because it is up and running even before the new site IT structure is built.  In fact, since you can use the system DURING the planning and implementation of moves or construction, you can start entering new equipment into the system as it is purchased and installed, or moved to the new location.  This can actually ACCELERATE the move or construction project.