GMP CMMS Security Lesson #1: Don’t Hack Your Own Database

Image showing that a validated CMMS needs to be protected from security breaches. GxPReady Suite CMMS is an example of this feature.

The most likely person to hack your CMMS is you! Follow good security practices and keep your system safe!

I was just using a GMP application that knocked me off when someone else logged on.  This was considered a “feature” by the manufacturer, but there are better ways to secure data than to kick your users off in the middle of their work!

At the same time, it is possible to accidentally corrupt your data if you don’t have a solid record locking system in place for your validated CMMS software and you allow multiple users simultaneous edit access.

Consider if you have multiple users that are attempting to edit the same document.  This is a fairly common occurrence in the life of a database.  If the system allows it, two or more users can access a record and start making changes.  However, when one user saves it, the other user’s changes may be lost.

Also, it may be that the system does not allow two users to log in at the same time in an effort to avoid the above problem.  This is not a good option, as it interferes with the whole point of an on line database: to provide access to multiple users.

GxPReady! Suite is designed to allow any number of users to view data, but we have record locking in place to prevent multiple users from editing a record simultaneously.  This provides the perfect balance of access and security, allowing you to enter data while your users can check the status of their equipment.  This has been built into GxPReady! Suite from the ground up and has, of course, been validated.