Cloud Computing for Validated Systems

There are some great articles out there regarding the use of various cloud computing configurations.  There are a variety of ways that cloud computing can benefit its users including convenience, economy, and flexibility.  Among them, a recent ZDNet article cites: “One benefit of using cloud computing services is that firms can avoid the upfront cost and complexity of owning and maintaining their own IT infrastructure, and instead simply pay for what they use.”  Of course, with convenience comes the trade-off of some loss of control, since the cloud systems may or may not be appropriate for the intended use of their customers.  In the case of validated systems, a primary purpose of the validation is to document that the system is installed and operates in a manner consistent with its intended use.

For validated systems, a qualified private cloud (QPC) model is part of our patented Flash Validation approach.  The QPC model,  developed by GxPReady! for deployment of GxPReady! Suite, offers many advantages over traditional deployments of validated software.  While retaining the benefits of cloud based applications over the traditional in-house mode, as a private cloud, it has security benefits referenced in the ZDNet article referenced above and provides a controlled environment in which the validated applications can operate in a manner that meets the stringent requirements for validated software.  GxPReady! has the ability to control nearly all aspects of the systems down to the actual physical hardware (processors, memory, storage, etc.) of it’s private cloud system.  As a customer, you can have confidence that the physical hardware and infrastructure have been validated and are under change control, and there is no question where it is physically located.  Although customers have access to the GxPReady! Suite application, there is no software installed by customers on the QPC, as might occur on a traditional cloud system, so the risk to the application is minimized.

Using this system, we are able to offer our GxPReady! Suite application in a very secure and validated environment to provide lightning fast startup times when compared to other deployment models, at a very reasonable price.  Additionally, if our customers desire to audit the system, it is physically available for review as opposed to other traditional cloud based models in which the physical location of the hardware is not relevant.