the image compares an octopus with 8 legs to a calibration and maintenance software

There are many ways that good software like GxPReady Suite can support your organization.

So you are running a calibration and maintenance department a small biotech company. That is a key job! Without you, everything shuts down. R&D, manufacturing, QC chemistry and micro, and regulatory would be unable to meet their objectives without calibration and maintenance. And no product means no sales. And no sales means no company.

Essential Tasks for Effective Asset Management and Compliance

But you have to keep everything running and in compliance. That includes the following:
– Tracking equipment
– Monitoring equipment status
– Scheduling cal/val/maint
– Following up on failed equipment
– Communicating with departments
– Maintaining compliance
– Tracking standards
– Keeping it all organized

That’s only 8 major things that you need to do other than keeping up with everything else and going to meetings.

Introducing an Efficient Alternative

One possible solution is to hire a CMO. Yes, you read this right: a Calibration and Maintenance Octopus can easily get you up to speed. There are various recruiters that are probably calling you and could provide resumes.

At GxPReady, we offer an alternative solution. Validated CMMS software at a reasonable cost that we can set up and can be qualified very quickly using our patented flash validation method. For more info, please contact us at

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