What is the Fastest Way to Calibration and Maintenance Compliance: CMMS or Spreadsheet?

Business is full of tradeoffs, deciding which way to move forward at any given time provides opportunities and risks. The same is true in choosing the best path forward for a system to manage calibration and maintenance scheduling.

For small companies, it is tempting to hang onto that spreadsheet as long as possible, since it is basically already free and ready for use. Plus, everyone already knows how to use it.

The drawbacks include that traceability of changes to data and use by multiple users can be difficult to implement, if they can be done at all. Adding to that, the idea of securing and validating the spreadsheet, and it is easy for this to start adding up the time required to maintain the system.

Many companies find that a validated spreadsheet falls short in everyday use because they are just not designed for that use, and all the work of performing the validation and follow up support dilute any benefits in the short term savings.

A common path is to leverage the data that may be in an existing validated spreadsheet or even a spreadsheet that is not validated and importing it into a validated CMMS software. This can be even easier using a SaaS-based product like GxPReady! Suite.

These days, you can easily transfer the bulk of your data from whatever system you are using into an on-line validated CMMS system for less cost than typing it in.  This also gives you the opportunity to review and clean up any issues as the transfer is performed.   The result is you can get up and running with a GMP compliant calibration and maintenance management database in a short timeframe, and the resources you save in the hassle of using a spreadsheet will pretty much pay for the validated CMMS system over time, especially if you are currently trying to use the spreadsheet with multiple users simultaneously.

Validating a spreadsheet can be a challenge in itself, and even when complete, it can be difficult to maintain and present the information to the various users in a manageable way, especially if you want to start storing procedures and other reference documentation.  You may find that when you get to the point of validating your calibration management spreadsheet, it is the perfect time to transition to a web-based CMMS.  In this way, you can leverage the resources you were going to use for validation of the spreadsheet to get a longer term solution.  A company like GxPReady! can get you up and running with a validated system very quickly and with minimal disruption to your workflow.  We feel that it is the best validated CMMS solution for businesses making the transition to GMP compliance, without slowing down your operations.  For more information or a demonstration from the convenience of your office, contact us with this convenient calendar or information request form.  We are looking forward to meeting you!