The Most Important Thing for Your Validated CMMS

Well designed CMMS can make your day better than this.

Software that is hard to use or too complex due to unnecessary features can ruin your day. Keep things simple!

A CMMS is just like any other validated software/computerized system.

It needs to meet your requirements for the following:

  • It must be compliant with an audit trail and appropriate documentation
  • It must be secure
  • It must allow you to document work performed
  • It must allow you to schedule future work

That is easy.  The hard part is sorting through all the available options out there.  This is where you get into the following:

  • Cost for use of the system
  • Hours required to keep the system running (including data entry, reporting, maintenance, backups, etc)
  • What additional features should you pay for?
  • How do you avoid paying for features you don’t need/use?

It is important, when looking for any software, that you have a firm grip on what features you need, what you want, and what is not necessary.  You can usually get what you need  for a much lower cost, and get it implemented much more quickly, than if you pile on a bunch of requirements that you might not ever use but would still have to maintain.

My suggestion to anyone purchasing any system for use in a regulatory requirement is that even if you know the system is compliant, have a firm idea of what you need when you see the demo or talk to a representative as a starting point.  Stick with what you need and reduce the chances of having the costs grow as you find other features that might be interesting, but you are not likely to use, and may, in fact, make the system more difficult to get the basics done.