Simple Benefits of a Validated CMMS

When you are looking for a validated CMMS or EMS you may consider that the best option is something integrated with your business IT systems.  Then you don’t need a second log in and you can integrate with non-validated systems as well.  However, there are several benefits to having a CMMS that is compatible with, but not integrated with, the business IT system at your company.

Consider the following:

  1. It is easier to install a system that is a qualified private cloud system like GxPReady! Suite, because you can access it from any secure computer and you can control the users that access the system without having to go through IT..
  2. You control the users and security for the validated system, then you can designate who has access to the various modules, and you can also make sure that each of the users with access to the system is trained and compliant with electronic signature requirements.
  3. You also have control over updates to the system, as they aren’t performed automatically, as might be the case with IT systems.  So you won’t be surprised if features change, because your provider of a validated CMMS will allow you to have control over when updates occur to your software in most cases.

If you use a validated CMMS that uses a qualified private cloud (QPC) like GxPReady! Suite, you also know that the hardware is dedicated and qualified as appropriate for use, as opposed to a typical cloud based system that could be located anywhere and all the hardware and software may or may not be under adequate controls.

Integrated security with your IT system can be a good option, if well managed, but there are definite advantages to having a validated system that is accessible via the web with its own security if you want the ability to manage the users without bugging the IT folks.  For small to mid-sized companies, a secure, web-based, validated solution can be a better fit than systems that IT has to manage and integrate more closely.