Our Calibration Company Tracks Our Equipment – Do I Need a Validated CMMS?

Image showing that there are several factors to consider in a CMMS. GxPReady CMMS is a validated system that can meet your needs.

Get a validated CMMS to make your calibration and maintenance run smoothly

Many small to mid-sized companies have their equipment services tracked by their maintenance/calibration contractor.  Each month, they let you know what is due and they come in and do the work.  You review the work and file the documents.  So why do you need a validated CMMS of your own.

As a regulated company, the responsibility for ensuring that you are meeting your calibration and maintenance requirements rest with your company, not the contractor.  It’s really that simple.  Unless you have internal controls that ensure that equipment maintenance and calibration are performed as required, you are not in control of the calibration and maintenance.  In addition, it is highly likely that one calibration and/or maintenance company handles all of your equipment, so there are logistical problems with managing multiple schedules from multiple companies.

As a regulated company, you are ultimately responsible to make sure calibration and maintenance meet your standards for fitness for use, not the contracted service provider.

Generally speaking, most calibration and maintenance providers do not have validated tracking systems, and they cannot be in alignment with all of the requirements of all of their customers, since requirements vary from customer to customer.

It is a much simpler proposition for you to have an efficient and easy to use system to perform tracking internally so that you can use a variety of contract service providers and control what data are entered, how they are entered, and how the scheduling of equipment is managed.

It’s just not practical, in most cases, to have enough control when each provider is running it’s own scheduling system.

The following list summarizes the advantages of having your own validated CMMS software:

  • Its validated!
  • Full control over users and the system configuration
  • Not shared with other companies
  • Customized to match your requirements
  • Run reports and scheduling to meet your day to day requirements
  • All of your information is in one place, not spread among the scheduling systems of your providers
  • If you change providers, you still have the data you need

So in short, if you work in a regulated environment, you need to have your own calibration, validation, and maintenance tracking system.  But you have choices.  For small to mid-sized companies, we would love for you to have a look at GxPReady! Suite.  It’s an easy transition to GxPReady! Suite if you are currently using a non-validated system.  Contact us for more information!