New Year 2018 Brings Recreational Cannabis to California – Calibration and Maintenance are Key to Quality Control

Our calibration management system is designed for ease of use.1


Establish a calibration/maintenance program for scheduling and tracking work.
CMMS software can solve this problem2

Establish Schedule

For each equipment/instrument determine the requirements for calibration/maintenance and enter into your scheduling system
Analytical system calibration3

Perform Work

Print a report for the work schedule and perform the calibration/maintenance work.
GxPReady! Suite users at work4

Enter Data

Update the scheduling system to prepare for the next round of scheduling work.

As in the pharmaceutical, medical device, biotech, food, and nutraceutical industries, the quality of cannabis products and the ability to verify the quality is dependent on the equipment and instrumentation used in production and quality control testing as well as how well the equipment and instrumentation are maintained and calibrated.

As Amanda Rigdon points out in her article “Calibration – The Foundation of Quality Data” in the Cannabis Industry Journal: “Just like a simple alarm clock, all analytical instruments – no matter how high-tech – will not function properly unless they are calibrated…Unless we calibrate the instrument’s signal (the response) from the detector to a known amount of reference material, the instrument will not generate an accurate or valid result.”  She continues to provide useful information about different types of calibrations that may be performed.

A similar concept applies to maintenance, in that a regular maintenance program will ensure that the equipment or instrumentation is operating at a high level of performance for its usable life.

A key component of any calibration or maintenance program is the ability to schedule and monitor the status of equipment, to allow planning for maintenance and calibration in compliance with the requirements for the equipment.  Regardless of the quality of calibration or maintenance, if it is not performed in a timely and regular fashion, the quality of the product and the ability to detect any potential issues can suffer.  In addition to effects on the quality system, this can open up business risks it is determined that internal procedures are not being followed as scheduled.

One of the most economical and reliable options for keeping track of calibration and maintenance is a secure, stable, subscription-based system like GxPReady! Suite.  It provides the ability to keep track of your calibration and maintenance program with a very streamlined workflow that won’t eat up a lot of time for training, data entry, or setup.  Whether you perform calibration and maintenance using in-house resources or contract the work out, you can give all the key players secure access to your private database.  The software was designed for cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practices) requirements of FDA regulated industries, including 21CFR11 (Electronic Records and Signatures).  This software, or something similar, is a great improvement over some of the common startup practices of manually maintaining and updating spreadsheets, logbooks, or in-house software.

You want the best for your product and your customers.  Quality is a key product attribute in any competitive industry, and a solid calibration and maintenance management system (CMMS) can set up the framework for your calibration and maintenance program to stay on track and reduce downtime while improving quality and efficiency.