My Calibration Standard is OOT! Now What!?

Image of a calibration manager that received a failing calibration report and is trying to evaluate the effects on the company.

GxPReady Suite can help you track down the impacts of out of tolerance equipment quickly and with minimal effort.

Hopefully you are calibrating your standards on a regular basis and to the recommended tolerances of the manufacturer. But it can happen that a calibration standard comes back out of tolerance.

No problem, just review everything that has been calibrated with that standard since the last successful calibration of the standard and assess the potential impact.

WHAT? I have to sort through all the files and logbooks, or the calibration scheduling spreadsheet to figure out where/when the standard was used and on what equipment? Or maybe go through every calibration certificate to evaluate the impact? That can take a lot of time and effort, perhaps hours or days.


If you are using GxPReady! Suite, you can run a report and it will tell you within seconds what was calibrated during the affected period with the standard in question. And you can print the applicable certificates. Crisis averted. Good job!

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