GxPReady Suite Provides Several Advantages Compared to Traditional CMMS Systems

GxPReady Suite provides qualified software as a service (qSaaS) for use in FDA regulated industries.  This has several advantages over traditional approaches to software validation and overcomes the following problems:

Beat the risk of buyer’s remorse:  Try it before you buy it.  We have free trial programs so you can see it work with your specific conditions.  Contact us for more details and see if this works for you!   No risk, high reward!

Overcome internal approval hurdles and long lead times:  GxPReady Suite is subscription based and can likely fit into your expense budget rather than requiring capital expense approval.  Our patented approach also cuts qualification time very substantially.  Finally, there are multiple pricing options depending on your needs.

Don’t limit your access:  GxPReady Suite does not require seat licenses, so more people in your company can better track their equipment.  In addition, GxPReady Suite is accessible from anywhere with a secure internet connection!

Avoid resources restrictions associated with a validated infrastructure and ongoing change control:  GxPReady suite is already installed on qualified infrastructure and maintained under change control.

Don’t get bogged down in your startup:  GxPReady Suite includes the forms, workflows, and reports you need to be GxP compliant.  If you are starting up a new department in calibration, validation, and/or maintenance, this can save you time and resources.

Keep the focus on your department:  GxPReady Suite is configured so you can use it for Maintenance, Calibration, and/or Validation tracking/reporting.  Only configure what you need, so each department can have a different solution.  This makes it more flexible for internal approvals.