GxPReady! Covid 19 Fight Support

GxPReady! Suite supports Covid-19 cure development.

GxPReady! Suite is ready to help with supporting Covid-19 detection, prevention, and treatment with a low-cost, quick implementation solution.

GxPReady! has a standing offer to help in eradicating diseases that have been targeted by the International Task Force for Disease Eradication (ITFDE).  You can see more information about that here.  Now we want to help with Covid 19.

As is seen daily in the news, Covid 19 (Coronavirus disease) is spreading widely and creating problems worldwide.  The resources of the world are racing against time to getting detection and treatment resources in place.  As our small contribution, GxPReady! is offering discounts and deferred payment options to allow companies that need a validated CMMS system in place to get one asap if this will help them achieve their goals.  The system can be implemented in a few days and can support your GMP calibration, maintenance and validation operations with minimal cost, data entry time, or implementation work.  Low cost, no per-user licenses, and 21CFR11 compliance, all in one low priced package.

GxPReady! Suite also works well with social distancing measures that are being put in place since it can be accessed from any location with internet and we commonly perform remote deployments, training, and implementation.    So if your organization is racing to help the world manage this disease, and you have a need for validated CMMS software, contact us for additional information and let us help!  You can use the form on the right of the screen to send us a note, or directly schedule a demo in the calendar.  Then you can save some resources and put them to the big fight!

We look forward to supporting any part of the fight to beat Covid 19.