GxPReady! Challenge: Are You Ready for an Inspection?

Software that is hard to use or too complex due to unnecessary features can ruin your day. Keep things simple!

Well designed CMMS can make your day better than this.

Software that is hard to use or too complex due to unnecessary features can ruin your day. Keep things simple!

Don’t fail on the easy stuff like this guy!  Get yourself some solid, reliable, easy to use software that does the job without weighing you down.

Complexity is not your friend when it comes to maintenance and calibration tracking software.  Confidence and access are.

Here is the challenge:

  1. Name the top 5 things you need from a maintenance, calibration, and/or validation management software package.  Not 5 things you like, or 5 things that would be cool, but need.
  2. Find 5 packages that meet these most basic requirements.
  3. Eliminate any packages that require more than 8 hours of your time to validate.
  4. Eliminate any packages that were not designed for compliance with these requirements with an audit trail and traceability to your requirements.
  5. Eliminate any package that takes longer than 1 minute to retrieve a record when you are under the gun or 5 minutes to enter a full calibration record.
  6. Eliminate any package that requires more than 4 hours of formal training to get up and running.
  7. Don’t consider price.

What you have left is what will get you compliant with a reliable and easy to use system at any price.  It may just turn out that the price would have pointed you in the right direction all along.  Get it on line and get compliant, just in time for the end of year shutdown.  And then relax!  You are ready for the next inspection!

And take your department out for coffee every week with the money you so wisely saved!  Nice job.

GxPReady! uses our patented Flash-validation method and system to get you up, running, and qualified with a reliable, compliant maintenance, calibration, and validation tracking system that will be easy on your staff and your budget, so you can put those extra resources into getting product out the door.

Did I mention that it is Covid friendly?  You can use it from almost anywhere and you won’t break a sweat.  Stay tuned for additional challenges that will help you avoid some of the most common pre-approval inspection observations.  Check out GxPReady! Suite www.gxpready.com.