Data Privacy in a Validated CMMS System

GxPReady! does not aggregate or share customer data. Your data is your data, period.

is data driven marketing a good approach for validated cmms systems?

We at GxPReady! believe that there is enough data targeting going on in the world and we are doing our part not to contribute.  If you need a validated CMMS system, either for calibration, maintenance, or validation scheduling; we believe you will be able to find a system by managing your own search.  We also believe you can manage your own calibration intervals, tolerances, and documentation without having aggregated data information about what other folks are doing.  And finally, we think that you can find the folks that can sell or service your equipment without help from your CMMS software or its contents.

Our customers, who use the GxPReady! Suite CMMS system, have control over their database and the use of the data.  There is no need to opt out of any use because GxPReady! does not use the data for any reason except to make backup copies in the event of a failure.  You will not see any advertisements or recommendations or specials when you use GxPReady! Suite, but you will have a consistent, bug-free experience.  In this way you can keep your data entry to a minimum, stay on schedule, and have the documentation you need to pass an inspection.  You can rest assured that your data is stored safely and is not analyzed for any purpose other than maintaining a reliable system for your use.

Of course, if you contact us, we are happy to recommend providers of services or equipment, and we can support you in creating electronic forms, assisting with data entry and other compliance efforts.  We believe you have enough marketing and automated suggestions on just about every web site you visit, so we are focused on providing a convenient, low-cost, 21CFR11 and EMA Annex 11 compliant calibration, validation, and maintenance management system that will help you meet your compliance needs.  We believe that is the best validated CMMS system for many companies.  We hope that our A+ rating with the BBB and 5-star rating on (look for validated CMMS systems) will help in the decision making process.

We look forward to working with you!