Compliance: Public Cloud vs Private Cloud vs In-House Data Center

With the emergence of compliance related software as a service (SaaS) applications available, it is attractive to consider the possibility of having access to qualified software for GMP applications at a fraction of the cost and start-up time of traditionally installed software applications.  Examples include  GMP CMMS (Calibration and Maintenance Management Software) and GMP Validation Management software.  Other GxP software is also available by subscription.  Each of these allow the customer to avoid large up-front time and monetary investments while giving customers the benefits of compliance and improving their business processes.

There are several on line articles that discuss the relative benefits of cloud versus data centers and the various options out there.  Some examples are the  Atlantech article: “Private Cloud vs. Data Center: Which Is Your Best Bet?” and Business News Daily article  “Cloud Computing: A Small Business Guide”.

In the Atlantech article, the author points out:

“The decision between public and private cloud isn’t a “this or that.” It’s actually a decision between available options for managing your workload, which includes on-premises, colocation, private data center arrangements, and public cloud.

Your workload, security, compliance, and elasticity needs should dictate whether or not you require dedicated infrastructure and which setting is the best for either dedicated or non-dedicated infrastructure.”

The Business News Daily article offers:

“For small and midsize businesses (SMBs), the benefits of cloud computing are endless. Cloud computing saves businesses time and money by boosting productivity, improving collaboration and promoting innovation.”

The challenge for meeting good practice and compliance requirements is to have appropriate infrastructure and controls in place to maintain security and access to data for your validated systems.  Of these options the Qualified Private CloudTM as used by GxPReady! is a balance that allows the customer to have great access, flexibility, control, and security while providing the benefits of other cloud options on an infrastructure that is under GxPReady!’s control.

SMB’s can take advantage of this approach (once they confirm with appropriate due diligence) to really reduce expenses and human resources maintaining GMP computerized systems while having confidence that all of the following are being addressed:

  • The systems are in one or more known locations and can be audited

  • Qualification and change control are appropriately managed

  • Good security practices are in place

  • Appropriate computational resources are maintained for each user

  • Maintenance, backups and updates are managed transparently

Using a Qualified Private CloudTM managed by a qualified company can give you all of the advantages of cloud service with the advantages of an in-house computer center, and much more control than the typical cloud environment.  So if you need commonly used applications such as GMP Calibration Management Software, Validation Management Software, or Maintenance Management Software and many other types of GMP software, checking out some of the SaaS options, with appropriate due diligence, may allow you to get up and running more quickly and with much less expense and resources required.  This, in turn, allows your company to become compliant earlier than otherwise possible while focusing resources on your core competencies and business goals!