Can You Validate a CMMS Spreadsheet?

how to validate and CMMS spreadheet

can a CMMS spreadsheet be validated?

Challenges of Spreadsheet Validation in CMMS

One question that comes up often in CMMS validation is: Can’t I just validate a CMMS spreadsheet to avoid the cost and hassle of a new system? The short answer is: Not really.

Part of validating a spreadsheet includes securing it, tracking changes that are made, and allowing multiple user access.  An audit trail is a big part of validated software, so that you can see who did what, and when.  Who changed that serial number?  Who changed the status of that equipment to Out Of Tolerance?

Exploring Spreadsheet Configurations for Partial CMMS Compliance

There is a lot of good information out there on configuration of spreadsheets to achieve some of this.  You can see an example here for tracking changes just to get an idea.

Consider that you first need to generate a set of requirements, make these changes, test them, and if it all works as you expect, you may have satisfied one part of the overall CMMS requirements.  Then you can worry about other items like reporting, security, version control, attaching files, reporting, backups, etc.   You can imagine how much of a time investment you are looking at here.

Simplify Compliance with GxPReady Suite: A Turnkey Solution

Or, you can use an on-line product like GxPReady Suite, which is designed from the ground up for GMP compliance.   For a low up front cost, and a low monthly fee, you can use this system to meet your compliance needs for calibration, validation, and/or maintenance tracking.  And you can get back to work!  No down time, no significant qualification load, and a solid turnover package to demonstrate compliance.  And of course it is secure.  We’ve been in this business for decades.  You don’t need to start from scratch.

Take the next step in compliance!  Try GxPReady Suite for free and see if it works for you!  Contact us here or email us at [email protected].  You will get a human response in no time.  And you can probably import a lot of your CMMS data from your spreadsheet as well!

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