A Great Value in Validated CMMS Systems Just Got Better!

GxPReady! Suite includes everything you need for a validated CMMS system at the most competitive price.

GxPReady! Suite has become an even better value as a validated calibration and maintenance management system.  We have introduced an Intro Level of service that provides the exact same high quality CMMS software for up to 250 equipment items at a fraction of the already low cost of the Full Compliance Access package.  This means that for $75/mo you can put the 21CFR11 compliant software to use at your facility and get used to it before you even need full compliance, or as a way to test the system before committing to the full product.  This provides you enough time to check out the features without a long term, or expensive commitment.

Test the CMMS before committing to the full product, then transfer to full GMP when you are ready!

The software is the same, so any records you enter can be used in the Full Compliance Access package system if you decide to pursue that.  So, you don’t have to re-enter all of that information!  The Beginner Level product has all of the same features as the full package including:

  • Get up and running very quickly with very little cost
  • No hardware or software for you to install
  • Calibration, Validation, and Maintenance tracking
  • Equipment recall reporting
  • Out of Tolerance reporting
  • Reverse Traceability reporting
  • Handy forms
  • Document Attachment

This is a great way to get things moving in the right direction and allowing you time to get your standard operating procedures in place as you transition to full GMP use of the validated CMMS software.  Contact us for additional information or a demonstration!